A4 Allroad Auto - Cruise has stopped working

Steve 207

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Nov 22, 2020
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Hi, 1st time on a forum so not too sure what I'm doing.......
I have a 62 plate A4 Allroad, driving home on Friday and the cruise control stopped, just stopped cruising.
This query has probably come up before on a forum, I have looked but no luck........
Hi Spartacus,
I got in the car the next day and everything was fine, cruise worked as it should.
One thing I did try and check was the fuses, I went online and found what I thought was a diagram for my model, checked the fuse it said covered the cruise and there wasn't a fuse there.......

So short answer Spartacus, it sorted itself

Thank you for asking
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Good news Steve, I haven't heard of cruise control issues on the B8 platform, whether it's an Allroad or not, so just curious. If it was still an issue I'd be looking to scan the car with VCDS to reveal more information, incidentally that fault will be stored if you get it scanned in future. Anyway - glad it's resolved.