Wipers and their arc


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May 15, 2019
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County Durham

I’ve noticed these past few days that my wipers are hitting the A pillar on the upward stroke. I’ve had a quick search but can’t see anything relating to the wipers overreaching. It hits a few times then is fine a few times and so on.

Would it be the linkage wearing out? If so there is a kind of fix kit on eBay but was wondering if anyone had heard of anything like this problem.

Thanks in advance
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Sounds strange - can't say I have noticed on mine.

I'll try to remember to see what the action is like on mine.

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Have you had the windscreen replaced or the wiper arms removed then reinstalled at all?

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No not me but I haven’t had it since new. Like I said it doesn’t hit the A pillar for a few sweeps then it does for a few and so on. I initially thought that the wiper arm hadn’t been tightened down at the nut but it’s ok there so then I thought linkage. I thought linkage as I’m sure I saw a post on wiper linkage bushings but I’ve looked and can’t find one.

There is a small amount of movement when I put the wipers into maintenance position and move them with my hand but I have another make car and it does more or less the same and that ones ok. Also the park position looks to be fine as well so scratching my head on this one.
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Well it took me a while to remember, but I finally watched mine. The action is very smooth on mine, and it never gets close to even touching the window rubbers. The action is very consistent, and does not drift at all.

So maybe you do have a linkage problem?

Clutching at straws, are the correct wiper blades fitted? Maybe a previous owner fitted the wrong ones to save cost?

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Good call about the wiper blades as I intend to measure them to see if they are too long. Thinking about though, if they were too long they would hit the A pillar all the time.
The weather is nicer today so out with the tape measure......
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