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420bhp S3 - ready for 500bhp!

WozaS3 Oct 18, 2020 at 3:19 PM

  1. WozaS3

    WozaS3 Registered User

    Friend did a video on my S3 - check it out!

    Its off to be mapped next week with the new Technics V4 Turbo.. 500 hurspurs he we come!

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  3. Damo S

    Damo S Registered User

    As much as I liked watching it, I'm not sure its the best idea posting a video of you clearly doing silly speeds along with your number plate.
  4. CanadaA3wales

    CanadaA3wales Canadian living in South Wales - Audi A3 8V 150BHP

    You are clearly doing well over the speed limit.

    I wonder if you would be happy killing kids and a family because you want to show off, all it takes is someone to accidently go into your path, and at that speed it would either kill you or other people, not to mention if you car goes off the road and hits someone walking on the pavement.

    I dont understand people like this, FFS just do a track day if you want to do stupid speeds.

    I wonder how many families have been ripped apart by speed?

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