A3 2.0l diesel, remap + EGR delete in kent...any suggestions?


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Sep 26, 2020
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Hi All,

I'm looking to get a remap done + an EGR delete. I'm currently based in Kent or West Sussex. Any suggestions on who to have this work done by?

I currently drive an audi a3, 2.0l (2011) where the EGR valve is placed on the bottom. The car has started going into limp mode and the diag. tool is showing 'EGR Circuit Malfunction'. Rather than have the EGR valve replaced I'm thinking I'd rather have it deleted and the car remapped. A few questions:

- If I have the EGR valve deleted do I need to have the DPF 'gutted' ? Or will the car run just fine with an EGR valve delete?
- How long does the work take to complete?
- What am I looking to pay?

Thanks in advance!
1) You can have the egr turned off without issues to DPF - I've done this countless times
2) For a custom tune approx 5 hours
3) Custom tune with EGR off £300 - if you have a DSG then its worth having that done at the same time.

Just a quick update. Spoke to Bobby prior to him replying to my thread. As per my understanding and the dyno read out: the EGR is now 'off' and the car is running at 190hp and 305ft/lbs.