Vibration when coasting and hard accelerating over 70mph


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Mar 27, 2017
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Hi guys,

I do a lot of motorway miles and recently ive been get bad vibration through the steering wheel and cabin when hard accelerating above 70mph or coasting (no throttle) above 70mph... 60-70 mph I can feel slightly small vibration just through the wheel. The vibration is really bad when I put my foot down though especially above 70mph.
If I feather the throttle lightly I can get to 80 - 90 - 100 mph fairly smoothly with almost no vibration.

I thought it was my front tyres as they were about 3mm... so got new Pirelli P Zeros on the fronts and balanced the front and rear.

But I've literally just done a 300 miles round trip and no change in the vibration.

I have brand new AP Performance Coilovers fitted 4 months ago.

Any ideas would be a great help?

Car is an Audi A3 2.0tdi 8PA 2008.

Hub bearings. Drop link, front bushes, drive shaft. Do a process of elimination

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I had something similar on mines about 70mph and over slight vibration on right hand side through wheel discs my head in took it for balancing went came back.

I had gone from 17" to 18" but need spigot rings at the time I could only get plastic so as time went by they lost there tight fit.

But I didnt put vibration down to that I managed to get some aluminium ones be cause plastic ones were tatty changed to new ones and not a vibration anywhere.

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