Standard Matrix lights vs HD Matrix lights


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Aug 3, 2020
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I want to buy a C8 and i can't seem to find the difference between Standard Matrix lights and HD Matrix lights.
Does anyone know?
Thank you
Thank you. But is there any difference besides HD Matrix lights having the animated rear lights on locking or unlocking the car?
There are more individual LED's within each cluster, hence the "HD" - not sure how much difference this makes in real life driving.
Also you get dynamic front indicators as well.
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I hope the HD is better than the standard matrix. I’ve got the standard and the lights are nowhere near as good as the adaptive lights in a friends Velar.
I'm answering this a bit late, but thought since I've just gone from an RS7 with HD Matrix, to an e-tron with Matrix I'd say - the HD are way way better.
There's a load more LEDs in the HD one which give better dimming zones. I'm really not impressed with the regular matrix now I've lost the HD version but still, they're better than just LED headlights. The HD ones were smoother and more accurate in how they worked.