2015 Audi A4 B8 With NAV: Need Help Finding Retrofit Virtual Cockpit


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Jul 31, 2020
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New Jersey
Hello. I'm new here. this is my first Audi and I just wanna have some fun on the car. I'm not too sure which virtual cockpits/instrument clusters I can have fitted in place of the standard one in my car. I have attached a photo of the one i currently have. Additionally, I did a lot of research and apparently there is component protection to come up if such a project was to be installed. Its very confusing. Im not looking to break the bank on this project. The budget is less than 2k USD. Preferably i want it to work the best it can with no issues. What im asking is what virtual cockpits am i able to retrofit inside the car and also how do i go about with the coding. What software? rate of success? Also is it something i can do? What tools do i need? Thank you all greatly. Sorry for the loaded first post.


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Virtual cockpit is not compatible with your platform, B9 MLBevoII only.
Hey Alex! Thank you for answering. Is there any reason it is not compatible in particular? Is it because of fitment? coding? I also don't know what you mean by "B9 MLBevoII".Couldn't find anything on google really. And is there any upgrade to the gauge cluster at all? even just a change of look rather than all of it be digital such as the slighter bigger screen. or change of color, etc?
You have a B8. Virtual cockpit needs B9 as older control units within your platform will not be fully compatible.

you will be able to retrofit other instrument clusters from your vehicles platform, as well as media system up to MMI3G plus if you don’t already have this, mom of which is DIY.