Q5 2015 Q5 Timing Chain


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Jul 28, 2020
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New York
Hi y'all,

I recently had some issues with my check engine light coming on and off. When I scanned it myself I got a "fuel" code for it, and since that was a bit broad I decided to bring it over to our local audi dealer and get a Check Engine Light Analysis. According to the servicing specialist there the timing chain needs to be replaced, and I know from experience at my cars ripe age of 70k miles this is probably a good idea to do for any maintenance.

I just wanted to check, but have any of you had experience with getting a timing chain replaced? I just find it weird that that is what they're saying needs fixing as it shouldn't have offered the fuel code.

I do some of my own maintenance, being from a family of mechanics, but I'm sure taking the entire front off the car is out of my own wheelhouse.