Q5 Q5 / SQ5 (mk2) - Time for new tyres, Cross Climates?


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Dec 16, 2013
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South Oxfordshire
Hi all,

Time for a full set of tyres for my car.

Its running 20" wheels so the size is 255 45 R20 - none of the options are cheap, sadly.

Thinking of going for an all season, in particular the Cross Climates, as i have been driving to the Alps for the last few years and, this year, actually had to drive on snowy roads.

They seem to be reasonably well reviewed as an all rounder, but before I spend £1,000 it would be good to know if any of you have tried them?

My SQ5 currently has the factory Pirelli P Zeros (21") and frankly they wear rate is very high. I'm thinking of going for the Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres as the reviews seem to suggest the wear rate is slower than the Pirelli's?

Can't comment on the all season tyres.
I would agree on the Pirelli vs Dunlops - I managed 9k miles on a previous S4 Avant on Pirelli P Zeros and then got 20k miles out of the next set of Dunlops!

No perceivable difference in grip too.
I had 21" P Zeros on my SQ5, had to change 2 at less than 8k miles as I got sidewall damage, but after that no others needed before I got to 22k miles when I sold it.....

With regard Cross Climates, I guess the question to ask is do you treat it more as a Q5 or an S(Q)5 - if you drive pretty sedately then you probably wont notice too much difference but a friend who has been driving his X5 on cross climates recently reckons there is a noticeable difference when pressing on in warm weather.... never had them to try so it might just be pschological as he hasnt had cross climates before....
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