Uneven Tyre Wear


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Aug 11, 2005
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I checked my tyres today as they are near the limit and noticed that the inner edges on the front tyres are much more worn that the rest of the tyre which points to camber/toe/tracking adjustment required. I am suprised by this because both front tyres have worn in the exactly the way so the alignment must have been out coming out of the factory.

anyone else had the same problem?
Yes on my 2.0t Quatty.

Middle tyre wears alot more, even with correct tyre preasures.
Really Annoying.
Same here Robin...

Had the wheels rotated front to back a couple of weeks ago as the fronts were pretty shot so trying to eek a few weeks life out of the set before replacement and the guy at National checked the tread depths and found the inner edges to be down to the 1.6mm limit and the outer edges at 3mm?

He suggested a tracking problem but i'm inclined to think it may be down to the huuuge weight of the diesel lump over the front wheels lol! :)
Its the factory set up. My 3.2also did it, my tyre place altered the camber and no problems since, a lot ofquattros have this problem
my front O/S were bald 2 inches in and the N/S were going thin after ten k,rotate them is the order of the day robin
i was going to rotate them as i do with all my cars but all my tyres have worn at the same rate which is good as i always like to change all 4 tyres at the same time.

time for new tyres, best price i have found is £412 for 4 Dunlop SP9000's fitted etc. I had these tyres before and they are very good.
davidmann said:
Yes on my 2.0t Quatty.

Middle tyre wears alot more, even with correct tyre preasures.
Really Annoying.

If the middle is wearing more this is due to incorrect pressure. No matter what you think is going in it's not what it should be.
My tyres have done 17k miles so they not done too badly, new set of boots going onto it tomorrow, goodyear F1's!
d3fy said:
Not going with the newer versions of the F1s then?

I would think he may well have to, GSD3s are getting harder to find. I would be happier with the newer version anyway now the GSD3s are obsolete.
d3fy said:
I can't tell any differance, I have the new ones

The new ones have a totally different tread pattern. According to Googyear they have better dry grip, stronger sidewalls and are quieter. Have yet to see any reviews of them though and I'm a great fan of the GSD3s if they are better they must be pretty amazing.

Did you have the old F1 DSD3s on to compare to the new F1 assymetrics?

RobinA3 said:
They are the GSD3's.

£430 all in.

Thats a really good price.