Cruise control retrofit part number


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Jun 1, 2020
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Hi guys. I’m brand new to the beautiful and complicated world of owning an Audi. I was trying to do a research myself but the sheer amount of options and combinations got me stuck and I’m looking for some qualified help.

I’ve recently purchased a A4 B8 Avant 2.0 tdi Quattro with some basic spec. I miss the cruise control on my daily commute and want to retrofit one.
Is there anyone out there that can help be based on VIN number or any other relevant data to point me which stalk do I exactly need?

My VIN number is :WAUZZZ8K99A211077

Many thanks for your help.
Do you have a multi function steering wheel? If so you may just need the new stalks. You’ll need a full set not just the additional cruise lever.
Your car will have Kostal or Valeo stalks fitted, these are matched to the steering clock spring. They have to be from the same manufacturer, you cant mix them. A VCDS scan will reveal the part number of your current clock spring, the start of the part number will confirm the manufacturer. There is a thread on the Road Tech site with part numbers for clock springs and stalks. Will see if I can find it. You will need to code the car for cruise and possibly perform some basic steering calibrations.
If your car is a facelift I have a set of stalks (avant with rear wash wipe) and matching clock spring left over from my lane change retrofit.
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@NHN will be along soon. I’m sure he will fit one for you.