Sold 12mm & 10mm H&R hubcentric spacers & bolts, (5x112, 66mm CB) Suitable for B8/B8.5 A4, A5, S5, RS5

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Sep 14, 2007
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Forgotten I had these as i sold my B8 S4 over a year ago! Just found them in the garage (ironically as I was digging out tools to fit spacers to my Tiguan and my Abarth Competizione!).

Started out life as 15mm all around but I found I got slight rubbing. Was going to sell them and buy new but someone on here suggested getting them machined, which I did professionally (obviously it was the rear surface of them that got machined!!) hence the now 12mm & 10mm and they sat perfectly on the hubs. This size is generally what I found people on here recommend. You might notice from the pics that only 2 of the bolts are H&R, never mattered to me and didn't peform differently in anyway, never had any issues with them when they were on my car, no rubbing, horrible noises etc.







Would prefer collection from Epsom in Surrey, £100 for the lot. Extra £10 for UK mainland delivery, insured and signed for.
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Ok, no PM facility!

I’ll take them if you can post to sunny Glasgow?

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Hmm, PM should work, been a member on here for years.

Postage is looking at £10 fully insured and signed for, thought it would be more to be honest!
PM working now...maybe I had too much whisky last night!

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If splitting becomes an option at all, I'd like the 12mm please :)

To be honest i'd end up keeping them as will get another Audi one day i'm sure, always useful things to have.
Yes that's true. I've been toying with spacing my rear wheels but it's not essential or urgent and I don't want to get it wrong. Was the rubbing at both ends of your car or just one?

I have some non hubcentric 10mm spacers which I've never managed to use and probably won't (certainly not on my Audi anyway).
Mostly on the rear but a little on the fronts occasionally when I had 15mm all round.

Yeah, I'd only ever do hub centric, not worth risking anything else.
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