Broken hinge/dampener glove box


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May 1, 2020
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Ok so this is broken, what are my options? the thing at the bottom could that be replaced?
if that is possible I will just proberly lube up that piston so it wont happen again.
car is a audi a3 8p 2006
thanks for any advice

IMG 0640
Dremel 2 very small, use some very small nails or the like supports to hold the 2 parts together, superglue the nail pieces in the holes test fitting everything before final bonding, then coat the join in epoxy, then grease the internals of the plunger part, drill small hole in the bottom to allow free movement, should be fine then on.

Alternatively epoxy joins together, superglue both 1st to get the position of the parts.

Or buy new lid, but you really don't need too.
My piston isn't connected anymore, mine opens fine, doesn't drop fast. People have drilled a little hole in the piston just to allow the air to escape quicker so it falls quicker