Exhaust advise!

Nathan Capps-Jenner

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May 1, 2020
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Hi guys, new member here who's besides himself as I finally managed to get my dream car, the C7 RS6.
I'm super happy with it but already thinking that I'd like a bit more of a throatier sound from the exhaust.
It has the optional Audi sports system fitted but it is a little too baffled for my liking.
I've read a few threads on here and come to the conclusion that a full system replacement is not the way to go, so with that in mind has anyone got a layout of the exhaust and potentially what parts could be removed/bypassed to create the sound the V8 deserves, ie centre box removal or back box baffles?!
Sorry if I sound like a total boy racer!! :D
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Im in an S7 (similar engine) and still a boil racer at heart:racer:

I removed the front resonators and replaced with straight pipes and removed the centre box and replaced with an X-Pipe, completely different sound, but still a bit of a pussy cat until you hit the accelerator.

The rear boxes on your sport RS are already free flowing, and since there are valves installed, I'd stick with the rears and just swap out the centre and front :footy:
Awesome! Thanks for your reply, that's what I have gathered from reading these, just werent too sure as I haven't seen a layout of the system yet!
Did you do yours yourself or get a custom/premade pipe?
Decat it (Keep the sports exhaust cat back) and then get it mapped.

Over 700hp and a decent increase in noise!