A6-C5 'Convenience' Climate Control grief


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May 27, 2009
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My (in)Convenience Climate uncontroller system is playing endless games. I have seen plenty of references to the "secret" codes, but all the posts & videos I've seen refer to accessing them on a "Basic" controller, none for the 'Convenience' version. The significant point being that there is no UpArrow (screen vent) button on this version. I have tried every combination of button presses I can think of, can anyone tell me the correct access method?

The problem is various:
I can't stop a roaring cold draught on my feet :-(
The heater randomly graduall comes on to seriously hot (except my feet) and can't be turned down (yes I can twiddle the knobs and the display changes, but the sauna does not)
The heating is usually almost non-existent
The fan (blower) sometimes works, sometimes not, sometimes full blast for a few seconds

I have replaced the blower controller (twice), first time (6 months ago) it appeared to fix the fault, maybe this is the same fault again, or maybe yet another one, but another new controller has not corrected the problem.
I have replaced the inconvenience module (4F2820043H) on the dash with a (used) superficially identical one with the same part no. and same software level and then programmed via VAG-Com to the same set of codes (decimal toggles of a 6-bit byte, sweet jeezus!!) all to no good result. It's either a dud or there is some other problem as it only says 'Off' and refuses to work whatever I press except that the RapidDemist (only) does work.

I have cycled the flaps (via VAG-Com setup) and for those few brief seconds do get a pleasant waft of warm air on my toes so it's not a flap motor problem.

This has unquestionably been the worst car I have ever owned since a Ford 100E 40 years ago - but I only paid a fiver for that so fair enough. This it is a truly atrocious catalogue of failures, faults and endless screaming aggravation, such a disappointment after the earlier 1.9.

Any assistance before I'm dragged off to an asylum would be gratefully appreciated
4F2820043H , that is a C6 part number ?
Fault codes ???????
4F2820043H , that is a C6 part number ?
Fault codes ???????
4F...3H is the part number of the Climate Control controller (the thing in the dash with the knobs on the front of it)

There are no fault codes, according to VAG-com it's all working perfectly well.

I want to know how to access the codes in the controller. For the Basic controller it's press Econ & ScreenVent(UpArrow) together. There is no screen vent button on the "Convenience" controller.
How do I access the codes?

Generally this generation from what I know doesn't have coding, it has the basic setting calibration, so if you've got issues & this 2nd climate reacts the same, then it's either wiring or motors unless central electrics is affecting.
Thanks for the reply.
The (used) replacement controller simply says "Off" in both displays. Adjusting the temp up and or any other button fiddling has no effect except that the Rapid Demist does work. Does this shed any light on the problem?
Is there some 'matching' I need to do to enable the ECU to see the heater controller?
I have set the Heater Controller to the appropriate coding for the car (right hand drive, diesel etc) via VAGCOM, I have also checked the flap cycling which all seems to function adequately.
Having proved that the flap motors etc were all working I Quit the test in VAGCOM as tedious, do I need to let the full cycle run to its end to make the thing work?