2011 A5 Coupe - Not Starting Suddenly


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Nov 13, 2019
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Hi all,

2011 A5 Coupe with 155,000 miles. Has been a dream since I've owned it and today gave me a bit of a heart attack. Firstly a few things:

- Car has never ever had an issue starting, barely even cranking more than 1-2 times before starting up.
- Never had any electronic issues, flickering etc.
- I had driven the car 15 miles without any loss of power or indication of something at fault before parking it up at home (luckily).
- I had just put 50 Euros (40 Litres) of Diesel in the car about 5 miles before this happened.

When the car had come to a halt, I applied the parking brake and let it run in neutral (cooldown period). While running in neutral, she stuttered and just came to a halt. I restarted and only got the noise in the video above.

Any ideas what I could look at myself? This damn virus makes getting a mechanic difficult.
Now, all that after refueling?
Easily done, but, the question needs asking.
You did put diesel in didn't you and not petrol?

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