Wanted Wanted - B5 - A4 - 1.8T Quattro Sport Saloon/Avant


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Apr 2, 2020
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Greetings all,

I am currently looking to find a 1.8TQS really struggling to find one, just missed out on a lovely Silver Avant which I was gutted about.

I've previously had two B5's a 1.8 and a 1.8T.

Just thought it was worth an ask. If anyone is thinking of selling one or knows anyone please done hesitate to message me.


Good luck in your search. There's currently two TQSs on Facebook marketplace, not sure if you use Facebook but I can post the links if you want?

I would recommend checking Gumtree consistently, that's where I found mine. Having said that, some people are wanting around £1500 for poor examples, I wouldn't pay over £1000.


I've seen a couple but everyone has got rid of the Ronal original wheel, there is one I'm looking at but it has an issue with the dash not working, not sure if that is common with them it's been years since my last B5's
Yeah, a lot of them aren't very well looked after. When you say an issue with the dash not working, do you mean the cluster? As in the pixels on the HUD? If so, they can be repaired. This is a very common issue with the B5 platform as well as other Audi clusters.
One I'm looking at is pixelated and the Speedo doesn't work, another is pixelated and the fuel gauge sometimes works.

I'm gutted as I missed out on a real nice Avant
Missing pixels is pretty common, there is a company on eBay that repairs them. PM me if you want the details. Fantastic customer service, I used them to get mine fixed. They are all 20 years old now so you can expect a few niggles. Not sure why the speedo doesn't work but the fuel gauge is likely a sender unit. Don't worry, I missed out on some nice ones too :(
Sounds good bud, what have you got car wise?
Very nice, how long have you had it and how has it been for you??
Only had it a few months and so far so good. Decided to get one because my room mate owns one, only issue he had was the fuel pump going but he managed to get it changed over in a weekend. Otherwise, it's been solid.
Awesome man, I think I saw your thread infact looked cool the two of them.

It's just not really a great time to be looking but I'm hopeful still