Error messages (please help)

martin hulinder

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Apr 1, 2020
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Hey, i own a audi a6 3.0 tdi (2011)
in the last few days i have gotten alto of error messages on my audi. Such as abs/esp, parking brake, air suspension failure. And i got all those at the same time? The air suspension seems to be working fine, i can lift of lower the car. But i dont have any abs or esp. Seems like i get it when im in park or drive slow for a bit. Havent tuned it or anything. I even called the last owner and told him the problem, but he never had gotten these error messages before.
Check the battery. If the car is on its original battery it almost certainly needs replacing. The A6 is very sensitive to battery condition and throws all sorts of random errors, as you are describing. It needs to be at least 12.5 volts and ideally over 13
ABS, ESP, parking brake, stop/start are all part of the wheel speed control system, which is conditioned by a sensor disc and electronic reader at each wheel bearing. I recently had these dash warning lights and the only remedy was a new wheel bearing and electronic reader for the afflicted corner.

I see, is it the bearing that is bad or is it just some electronic failure?

I am not a diagnostic expert and would say the solution could be the same as mine only if you have an indicated dash failure of the warning lights of the four systems in my earlier post. I was told the wheel bearing is a single unit with the speed sensing ring incorporated in it. If the bearing goes the ring can be out of alignment and not read by the electronic speed sensor (4E0 927 803 E 0r F depending on position). In my case I was told nothing wrong with bearing, but speed sensing ring out of alignment. The fault could also be a malfunction in electronic speed sensor. A diagnostic check at Audi Specialist highlighted the faulty corner.