Whine from backspeakers


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Dec 26, 2019
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My A3 originally came with the Chorus soundsystem (2 speakers and tweeters in the front). I've wanted to retrofit the audi soundsystem set (+ sub, and backdoorspeakers) so I've bought a subwoofer on a local scrapyard.

Installed and wired it and works like a charm. Next step was to get the backdoor speakers and tweeters to work. Since they were not there originally there were also no cables. So i've pulled wires from the doors to the trunk and from the HU to the sub. Now I've wired them as much as possible from other electrical components (the HU cable and right reardoor go through the roof of the car, and the lef rear door under the carpet).

Now.. Wired everything in the sub this weekend and the speakers work. They are loud and give a much much muuuuuuuuch better sound in the car than 2 front speakers :D.

The only thing is.. when I turn my key to the first stage (ACC) I get like a high pitch coil whine noise from the speakers. When you turn on the music you won't hear it anymore untill you reach a certain volume level. It's noticable through the music. Even when I start the car, the same high pitch noise comes out of the speakers. Sometimes I feel it stops for a second and then continues. It's not getting louder when I hit the gaspedal but it's a constant whine (see video).

The whine stops when I pull the cable for the remote turn-on AMP. Maybe kinda obviouse for some people but I'm not an audio expert so have no clue. The remote-turn on AMP is wired to the RNS-e, connector D PIN #13


Any ideas what this could be?