2019 A1 Strange noise when steering on full lock


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Aug 9, 2006
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A bit of info.

I've had my A1 35TFSI S tronic from new and around 1 month /600 miles a strange noise developed when on full steering lock moving at low speed, forward or reverse.
To me it sounded like the noise a hydraulic power steering pump makes when on full lock along with the sound a worn CV joints would make. (2019's A1's has electric power steering)
Being a brand new car, I sent it back to the dealers twice for investigation.
Both times they said ' Can't recreate sound, nothing found, car O.k' , but every morning the sound
would still be there.
Getting nowhere with the dealer, I did some searching on internet, apparently some VW polo owners and some other Vw group cars owners have experienced the same sound.
It turns out, the CV gaiters are now made from a stiffer rubber and on cold / damp conditions can stick together, the noise you can hear on full lock is the CV gaiter un sticking itself.
The solution is to lubricate the outer CV gaiter with silicon lubricant or WD40 and the sound disappears.
I did this a month ago and since have had no re occurrence of the noise.
Hope this may be if use to someone.
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