Rear Bumper S3 Saloon


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Feb 9, 2020
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Hi All,
New to the forum, the missus unfortunately reversed into a bollard and has split the rear bumper. It’s beyond repair so I’m trying to find a new bumper. It’s a 2016 pre face lift s3 saloon, and I can only find bumpers for the face lift model.
Does anyone know if it’s a straight fit for the face lift read bumper or if I do need to find a ore face lift bumper.
Thank you

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I need one too ... I don't know where you start . I've looked Ebay and similar websites but nothing that suits.

Have even emailed Audi about ordering a brand new bumper but they didn't reply.

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There’s loads of A3 S-Line saloon rear bumpers on Ebay for the pre facelift. The only difference between the S3 and S-Line is the diffuser. Also I’m certain there’s no difference between pre and facelift rear bumpers.
Thanks Mark, I’m after a diffuser too - preferably all as one.

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Unfortunately the ones on Ebay are usually damaged and there is normally a reason why it has been removed from the car in the first place . I would like one brand new and pay some to paint it for me .

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