A6 C8 BE Avant retro fit towbar

Nov 11, 2017
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I have a new C8 BE avant and I need a towbar fitted. Can anyone recommend a towbar fitter in the Nottingham/Derby area? I want a removable swan neck and specific wiring with the coding done too. I thought a Westfalia would be best?
I'm doing one soon in Worksop area soon, whatsapp me to discuss the options.
I went to the dealer (Sytner) today about a tow bar, they gave me a quote for the bar but are not sure of the spec of the bar (electric folding?) and think it will cost £600 to fit. They were very insistent that allowing anyone else to fit would invalidate warranty. Does anyone have experience of JCT2000 in Sheffield and towbar fitting?
That sounds like aftermarket or a basic version, as advised the genuine kit is nearly £800 to buy plus install, that's direct from etka too which is the parts system.

Fitted the workshop C6 version today, that's about £1k from Audi as a kit, this was the swivel down hidden version, looked great tbh with the release handle inside the boot.
They want 795 for the bar and probably about 600 to fit, the part number they gave me was MA4K0092 160D. My C6 had the factory fit bar and it was spot on,
My fitting charge is less than £600, if you're still interested, reply to my WhatsApp mate.

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