Tyre Gunk Experiences vs Having a Spare Wheel


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Dec 16, 2013
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South Oxfordshire
I know its very popular for car manufacturers not to supply a spare tyre in favour of a can of 'gunk' and a compressor.

They tout this as weight saving equating to better mpg and less CO2 emission etc - but i'm not convinced and suspect its just a cost reduction.

Anyway, has anyone had to use the OEM gunk Audi provide with their cars? I'd be interested to hear any experience like, did it actually work? Were the tyre company able to remove and sort out the punctured tyre or was it a messy pain? Was it easy to use by the roadside?

Get a spare, you'll be glad you did one day when you on the hard shoulder with a blown sidewall, gunk won't help then.
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I read somewhere the spray stuff (Gunk) if used means the tyre is fubard and should not be used for long journeys and should be replaced .
Chances are it will not be a small hole in the tyre andthe gunk won't work.
I prefer having a spare .
No experience with Audi's own brand stuff (presumably same rebranded stuff as others) but when I got a flat and sprayed shop stuff in it just spurted straight back out the puncture hole, useless, made quite an amusing video though if I can find it as this was a few years ago.
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Well I think carrying a full size spare on a long trip with kit etc is actually an option...


Cars should all have a decent spare under the floor. Poor from Audi.