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Aug 16, 2005
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Hope someone into these things can give me the lowdown on what they think.

Either this Samsung PS42Q97HDX or

Samsung LE40M87BD

Obviously I know the first is plasma and the second lcd.

I dont have Sky HD or use it to play games on.

What do you recommend between the two


I have the PS42Q7HD and love it!!!

If you aren't using an HD source then I wouldn't worry too much, but you may want to upgrade once you have the tv!!

I would go plasma personally as I think the blacks are deeper, some lcds can look a little grey on dark be honest it's down to personal taste and price, it's going to be much better than your old tv anyway so find one you like the look of and go for it!!
DLP is even better than Plasma if you wanted to go for quality. LCD technogly has caught up considerably with plasma in the last year and Samsung arent that bad a choice overall.

1080p is 1080 horizontal lines which make a full frame & updates 25 times a second.

1080i is also 1080 lines, but they are 'half frames' (fields) which are interlaced, i.e we see the odd number lines, then even number lines & updates 50 times a second. Our eyes put the two together seamlessly. Standard UK TV signal is 576i.

You can achieve a smoother motion with interlaced picture, but progressive gives a more filmic style. (Film uses 24 fps).

You can google HD/SD signals if you want to read a more in depth guide :)
Samsung actually supply screens to Sony, the first imports of the PSP hand held games machine from Japan had Samsung screens on them and have better quality pictures than the first releases over here.

They then followed this up with the TV screens.
Yes, ive found out about Sony's use of these screens, thats why I'm going the Samsung route.

What do you recogn between the samsung 40" lcd and the Samsung 42" plasma, models numbers as above.

I can pick the Plasma up for £760 inc vat and collect personally tomorrow.

The LCD is £985, stock arriving in in a coupe of days

1080i is as said, interlaced. The screen is updated twice per refresh, once odd lines, then even lines. Can give a (not very noticable) flickery picture.

1080p is progressive. the whole screen is updated in one go, giving a rock solid picture.

can most people tell the difference - no.

Yes samsung sell panels to other people. There are only 2 or 3 people in the world that manufacture LCD panels. HOWEVER, all LCD panels are not equal, even from the same supplier. They all have different response times, brightness and contrast. To make it even more difficult, each panel is graded as to its overall quality.

Don't think that just because company x and y use panels from the same supplier in their panels that they will be the same though. The picture quality depends wholly on the image engine that drives the picture, for example, bravia and bravia ex to name a couple.

as you have no high-def sources, i'd either get a cheapie 720 and upgrade when you get a HD source, or get a 1080p that does a good job of upscaling non HD content.

As such, you're looking at either the top or bottom of the market.
Thnaks for all your help

just been out and bought the Samsung PS42Q97HDX

Very pleased with it



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