Wing mirror Covers

Darren McDonnell

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Oct 9, 2018
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I want tot change my wing mirror covers from the silver to black but there seems to be a few options.

I have lane assist and its a 2014 B8.5

Does any one know what type i need

There's only 1 type for your car with lane assist.

You want new, used, genuine etc?
Cheers ,Don't really mind if they are genuine but would of liked them to be ready to fit other wise I could just have the chrome ones painted.
I wouldn't paint the chrome ones as if original they have value to you believe me.

It's the painting that costs also.

It's not cheap to replace these overall tbh, I've supplied & painted before, but depends on your budget.

Plus refitting have to be careful with the assist LEDs as the clips are rubbish & can snap.
As Nige says, the clips are fragile and the lights are a very snug fit. If you need to sell the original covers drop me a line.
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Morning John, been a while ;)
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