Electric Window - Have searched and not normal issue


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Jan 27, 2020
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Hi All,

Had an issue this morning with my A3 2005 8P. Drivers side window had been working fine. Never had an issue with it. Then this morning when I went to take the window down it kind of juddered and was very slow and then stopped. So I thought it must have been icy or something and that it got stuck. So I went to take it back up and all it made was a tiny jolt up and down. When I tried to pull up or down nothing. No noise or nothing.

So I left if for a few mins and tried to take it back up. It made the slightest of jolts again and then nothing. Same as before, left it a few mins and then the same again.

Now before I start ripping the door open I just want to rule out the fact that it could actually be stuck with dirt or something else. The roads have been extra dirty last few weeks so just wander if there has been some build up.

I know it can be the actuator or the clip but normally the when the clip goes the window is all the way down. I tried to pull on the window whilst pushing the up button but it just would not move.

Could it just be dirt or something else.
Sounds like regulator but could be clip come loose or motor, needs stripping to check.
Looks like I am going to have to. I will try to get it up tonight and then tackle it the weekend. Don't want it in bits tonight in case it goes pear shaped.
You haven’t had water running off your roof with the window down slightly straight into the window switches ? Had similar issues before on a3’s and golfs.
Check the wires in the drivers door jamb before you rip the door apart - one of the wires could be broken. This was the cause of my issues.
Remove the door card first, unscrew the 3 screws and pull off the window motor. Operate the window switch and see off the motor runs freely, if it does then the glass is jammed or the regulator is kaput, if the motor doesn’t run then that faulty.