A3 in Limp Mode


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Sep 22, 2019
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Having a problem with my A3 today with it gone into limp mode and staying that way even after restarting it. I did a VCDS scan but being a newb not really sure at what it saying apart from it's something to do with the EGR.
What exactly are we looking at here?
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Screenshot 20200112 170344
when i had similar problems i had to finish up replacing my egr valve. The aluminium body gets gummed up with carbon etc but the motor is driven by a plastic spline so even after a thorough clean the valve won't work as the spline will be stripped. the body and motor do come apart but you cannot source either item separately so i had to go ahead and just replace the whole thing. iirc it was about £250 from tps. I didn't bother with all the bolts etc they will try and sell you and just got the valve and gasket set. Haven't had any issues since. Maybe you'll be lucky and get away with a clean. on my cr engine its a simple swap part for part just really awkward getting to one of the bolt (the one you can't see at the back)
Year of car, engine type etc helps us to help you :)
Thanks everyone for your replies. Ended up having to get the EGR unit replaced at £700 all in at a local indy. Being a facelift 2012 A3 S-Line 2.0 TDI the job was seemingly a right bleep of a job. Next up will be replacement headlight bulbs as after the mega scary drive in adverse weather from west to east Scotland where I could hardly see the damn road unless there were street lights. Any recommendations? I think it is the D3S bulb but again like the EGR changing these look like another nightmare due to being quite inaccessible :tired:

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