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Sep 5, 2019
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The little rubber seal around one of the centre sensors on the rear bumper has come loose and is covering the sensor. This means the sensor does it’s tbing every time you reverse, no matter how close you are to something, as the rubber is in front of it.

Can I just pull the rubber off and everything will be ok, or could water get in and mess things up? I’ve tried getting it back in and even with a pin it’s not having it.

(I think the cause was the wife dragging a buggy wheel against it a few tones whilst getting it in/out the car).
Need to release the sensor as it's compressed into some plastic clips, press them apart from the rear, allow sensor to push back out, then reposition the seal round the sensor & refit.
Thanks. My skills begin and end at changing a wheel.

The seal does have a little tear in it. Can I just pull the seal out and get the garage to do it at service time?
They'll charge anyway.

Whereabouts are you based?
I can remove the bumper & replace the rubber seal, if interested WhatsApp me.

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