upgrading suspension


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Nov 6, 2006
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After reading and trying to get as much info of you guys as pos ref mods ect, Im now starting to upgrade my S3 is this a good combination -

Nuespeed rear ARB 19mm
Nuespeed front ARB 22mm
Forge adjustable tie-arms
KW variant 1 coilovers

Im sorted with all other info ref my other upgrades I have planned, due to the extensive feed back on this forum, hoping to get some feed back on this set up, also any one no where I can get a good deal ref fitting and labour costs etc.
Looks pretty good to me...

The only question I'd have is why coilovers?

If you don't intend to play with the ride height, why not consider a known and very effective combination of H&R springs and Bilstein Sprint dampers?
Likely to be less noisy and possibly more comfortable...although having not tried the KW V1s I can't say for sure.

Either way, make sure you have the suspension setting optimised and you'll not be dissapointed with the results.
Thanks for info, was looking at H&R but decided on the KW variant 1 coil-overs, ref your Q on coil-overs I do intend to give it a lower stance, thanks for feed back its been very helpful. :icon_thumright:
Im just about to give you a bell m8 any min now, not got parts at moment doing my homework on it first making sure I make right choice, and pricing around got some qoutes of APR and motorsports.co.uk hopefully in this order alloys + tyres - suspension - brakes whats the labour charges ie hourly rate if you dont mind me asking.