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Nov 20, 2019
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Hi guys. I'm new here. Recently purchased a 2015 A3 Sportback. I've an issue where the car becomes unresponsive while driving.

My street has a bunch of speed bumps. When I slow down to cross one I get a message saying Gearbox: Please press brake pedal and select gear again. It usually only happens when the car has just been started and isn't warm. What do you guys think the issue is?

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When was the last time the gearbox was serviced?
The stronic boxes should be serviced every 38k
I've no idea. The car hasn't been to the firm for about 30000km.
Thank you. Took it to the dealer yesterday. Previous owner was dishonest I believe. The car needs a new mechatronic, evaporator and gasket for a leak by the timing chain. He used silicone to seal it. . Mechatronic will cost roughly £1800. Evaporator will cost £640. Waiting for a call back to see if I get some goodwill on it. Hoping I can get these sorted soon so I can sell my Jetta

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Unfortunately these cars are expensive when things go wrong. Mechatronics going wrong is due to lack of servicing. Stick to the schedule and it goes for years. Mate has one that’s on over 200k. Religiously serviced every 30k and it’s still going strong.
Thanks for the advice. Hoping I can get some goodwill. Would you know if the evaporator is different for left and right hand drive models?

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