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Aug 28, 2005
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Hi Everyone,

I have a suspension related question (I know, sorry..) I have spent some time searching through old posts concerning lowering 8P A3s and unfortunately I still feel I have to ask

My girlfriend has recently purchased a black 04 A3 with Attraction spec, I don't know if that whats it's called in the UK, but in Ireland it is the least sporty setup.

Her aim is to get the car looking similar to an s-line A3 (without the badges etc) - A3s with 5-arms are not as common where we live as they appear to be in the UK.

Looking through the sticky pictures thread above, the desired look would be like Marriedblondes A3 with the 5-arms/RS6s and the Eibach pro-kit? (audi_beach_1.JPG)

So my question is what would be the best way to get from the standard ride height to like that illustrated in Marriedblondes pictures?

In a lot of threads about lowering on here, the start point was the sport or s-line suspension, hence I am not sure about lowering from the standard non-sport set-up.

Are the springs the only difference between the standard suspension set-up and s-line set up? If so would that be the route to go? Or would non-OEM kit be better

My main concerns would be comfort and of course it would be nice to keep the cost to a minimum

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you can give

hey annuv, welcome to the site! where abouts in ireland are you from? i am up north in coleraine and belfast!

anyways to answer your question(s) it is easy to get springs/coilovers for the A3

as for the attraction spec...i have never heard of it :S as far as i was aware there was only the SE, sport and s-line available!

the eibach pro kit would be a great starter and you could also purchase a set of shocks - eg the eibach street kit which includes springs as well!

as far as making it look like an s-line, the only visual difference in the 04 is just the badges, the main differences are inside

by saying you have the basic spec A3 i take it you do not have fog lights? these can easily be found on ebay

check out www.awesomegti.com or .co.uk and see what kits are available for the A3 - quote audisport.net and get a 10% discount!
Sorry for hijacking the post, but which of the Eibach spring kits lowers the S-Line quattro by a reasonable amount?
That picture was taken with it lowered on Eibach Sportsline Springs (50mm drop). I have since bought it from him and raised it a bit on Eibach ProLine Springs and installed Koni FSD to go with them.

I had rubbing issues with any load in the back with the SportsLine springs and didn't like the way that the rear end felt over bumps.

I can recomend the FSD and ProLine springs combination but it isn't as low as in that picture any more.

oh on another note - i have FK highsport coilovers lowered on 19s

even with full load in the back (3 rugby players) i have no scobing issues at all!
Hi Boydie, thanks for the welcome and of course, the advice. I'm from down South, in Kilkenny

I've no experience with lowering cars, so at the moment I am just researching the options -I don't want to end up ruining the ride on a car thats not mine, i'd never hear the end of it!! So I'll probably go for new shocks and springs

Yeah the car appears to be the most basic spec and down south basic means basic, so hopefully lowering it and adding 18’s will make it stand out from the crowd a little

Thanks again for help, much appreciated

Thanks for the info Paul , good to see you’re happy with the Koni FSD+ Proline combination
..now I wonder if we would get away with Eibach Pro springs and OEM shocks…
you will be able to get away with just springs and the ride wont be compromised - enjoy car modification :p

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