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Oct 17, 2010
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So, that nice shiny rear bumper on my car and displayed so gleamingly in my recent ‘We’re ready’ thread, is gleaming because I got it back from the body shop on 17th Oct after being rear ended.
Anyway.....an hour ago I am sat in Asda fuel station queue patiently waiting my turn at the pump when BANG! A transit van reversed at speed and hit the nsr corner.
I am in utter f@&*#€g disbelief
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That looks bad. Hopefully you took insurance details and get it sorted.

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Gary, that is so sad to see this. The car was looking awesome the other day. Hope you get it all sorted soon.
@gary3306 ahh man that’s not good. Is it just bumper damage or has is damaged the rear quarter ?

Thankfully yes, just bumper and valance. Both parts of the light are scratched too. Thrifty have just been this afternoon to take the hire car away that I had from the first accident :culpability:
Gutted. Hope it’s back to its best very soon and after an easy insurance experience.
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That’s terrible luck mate.
Van drivers should be more careful, a big red car that the driver didn’t see, that could have been a child.