For Sale Breaking my 2009 S3 8P Revo Stage 2+ Complete Ibis White


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Aug 30, 2016
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Hello all, long story cut short I've bought a donor rs3 and im putting everything from it into my 3 door 8p so everything is for sale off my s3, it's in good nick and had a full respray last year, it's currently Revo stage 2+

Everything that's available includes -

54k CDLA Engine complete with turbo and Ancillarys ( had belt and chain 3 months ago )

Air tech Stage 2 intercooler

REVO engine and gbox mounts

ITG hard pipe induction kit

Rs4 valve

R8 Coil packs

3 inch pipewerx decat

Miltek cat back

Genuine BBS 19" CH Alloys ( Yokohama tyres but need replaced soon as they are 1.6 - 2mm ) recently powdercoated ***SOLD PENDING COLLECTION***

Standard front and rear S3 brakes

Alloy S3 hubs And bottom arms

G/Box and transfer box

Rear haldex unit only 9 months old

Front bumper

Rear bumper

Front wings, replaced last year at time of respray

Xenons DRL

Everything is available, the car has been looked after

I stay in Fife in Scotland, can package and deliver most parts

For all prices please PM me


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Thought forum rules stated you have to include prices.

What rear arb have you got? What thickness etc?

Also what bits would be available from the rs3? Presumably it's an 8P shape

Thanks in advance
Price for fog lights,connection cables and grille?and part number if possible

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I sent a PM about your decat

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Left and right parcel shelf straps available?
Hi mate,

I messaged about the intercooler?

Cheers, Alex.

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Still looking for front seats if you have , now i have space to store my wingbacks
Do you have the passenger side, rear light cluster please? Thanks
Hi, are the headlights still available?
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