Q3 MY20 2019 Q3 WiFi?


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Mar 2, 2015
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Ellon, Aberdeenshire
Evening all,

Took delivery of a MY20 2019 SLine Q 3 on Saturday. Chuffed to bits despite full functionality of the myAudi app not working (remote lock u/s, Audi figuring a fix). My main question though is regarding WiFi. Not interested at all about generating a hotspot for other users, but is it a requirement to be active to allow Audi connect and wireless CarPlay to be active? If so, will it use my own mobile data, or the Embedded LTE sim? I’m thinking wireless CarPlay needs it, as it only works when active...

any ideas on the precise functionality? The manual is a tad vague.....

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No you don't need WiFi to use car play, certainly mine works with just the embedded sim without purchasing any extra data....
On the MyAudi App front and not fully working - it's very likely caused by the set up procedure - where that MyAudi App isn't correctly associated with your car.

You will need to Reset 'Connect' as an option in the car and then leave setup alone - say overnight as it needs a few hours for Audi's systems to get updated. The car then prompts for a clean setup in MMI using the Key tag. (You do have the plastic tag that came with the keys with the 10 digit number on it don't you?)

There is a critical step in the set up process where after the code on the Key tag and taking the option to Login the vehicle then asks for a Password OR the MyAudi code number.

You MUST enter the MyAudi code number as this links the mobile app to the car. If you enter the MyAudi password into MMI it still appears to work however the mobile App reports that the 'vehicle has never been seen'.
And make sure the dealership has registered you as the key holder with the connect services. They way to check if the have is to go to the myaudi website, it'll tell you if they haven't...
To have hotspot wifi enabled you need to buy a package form Cubic Telecom. You have no data associated with the hotspot at the moment because you haven't bought a package, therefore, don't worry about that! Link to cubic telecom is bellow:


Audi Connect services are from the embedded Simcard. So things like Maps, traffic and anything via the Audi Connect part of the MMi is part of Audi Connect.

I'm not sure what data source Car Play uses actually and I would love to know. Im my mind it is part of the phone data and not embedded simcard because the MMI is essentially connected to the phone. However i could be wrong.

If you put your own sim card in the car via the sim card slot then ALL data, wifi, Audi connect will come from your new sim card and the embedded Simcard will be disabled.

Be careful what advice you receive from now. You have the NEW Q3 with new tech therefore different setup and procedures! Mine and i think most replying above have older cars with older tech so therefore answers could be wrong! no offense intended!
My Audi App (MMI connect) stopped working a 55 days ago for me.

Its was working OK before that and has sometimes been useful for remote locking and unlocking but now says 'A Network Error has occurred'.

In the settings it says 'No connection to vehicle possible'. I've tried to reset everything but no joy. given up now.

To be honest, its been very flaky from day one and I wouldn't pay extra for it.

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