Is it worth to have data sim if you have Audi Connect?


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Aug 20, 2019
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Hi, I was trying to understand the benefit of having our own data sim in the glove box. Is there anything extra advantage than having an in-car wifi hotspot?
This is of course if we already have audi connect which enable the extra info such as traffic, twitter, fuel prices, weather, news etc. I don't see any web browser available in the MMI?
Cheers in advance for any responses.
It’s handy if you have kids and want to keep them occupied on long trips
Theres no web browser in Audis. The data SIM is required for wifi hotspot, but it's also needed for web radio, or online music streaming (amazon or napster).
If your phone supports bluetooth rSAP profile (mainly Samsung devices), you can use your phones data instead.
I use android auto for music mostly. Looks like it is useless for me then.
But I have an extra data sim card which I had from previous car, so just going to pop it in and see if it's still working.
How about software/map update via MMI, not available?
I put a SIM in there mainly to have hotspot going, I got 12gb for 12 months, but after a month and a week have used 1.6gb! I've not been using the hotspot at all and not even used the car that much to be honest.
My phone is supposed to supprort rSAP, but can't get it working.
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