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May 18, 2018
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So I said I would never sell private just cos this is an RS and really dont want to go through potential idiots wasting my time however anyone on this forum I'd consider as long as they have a few posts under their wing and not just signed up.

Anyway, I'm on the verge of landing a new job which will mean lots of driving so the RS just isn't practical anymore so will be looking to sell to an Independent (I have a few names from this forum already) or where I bought it from, Acklam Car Centre.


Nardo RS3 2016 PFL (obvs) with Alu Trim - not to everyones taste I know but I kinda love it..
Performance Pack + so this is de-limited by Audi, Mag ride & Sports Exhaust
Staggered setup Titanium alloys (255 front, 235 rear)
Upgraded Nav option
SS Seats with Rock stitching
RS3 mats with rock stitching - these are from Auto-style
Bang & Olufsen speaker upgrade
Interior Light Pack
Has a couple of other options but nothing stand out

It's just had it's major service only in May which cost just shy of £1,000, this included everything and DSG which is due now so it's all been done. Next service is Oil change only so good time to get her to put some pounds elsewhere. I have also JUST changed the rear tyres at £230, been fitted for only 2 x weeks!

Anyway if anyone is in the market though then let me know and we can discuss over PM, Iv'e got a rough idea of what I'm looking for Private so if you want to make an offer then go ahead but please dont take the mick, I'm not desperate and we buy any car has provided a low base of it's value!
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