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Kuljit Singh

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Jun 23, 2019
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Hi guys, just ran a Carista Diagnostic scan on my 2015 A3 1.4tfsi (150bhp) manual. My EML light was NOT on however it threw me with a few fault codes, i am not sure of. Anyone had these know what i need to do to put them right or do i not need to worry? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
Screenshot 20190924 161435 Carista
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Does it not tell you a date when it happened?
Could be a random one off error from ages ago.
I let my last Audi run flat and it came back with a shedload of errors cleared them and they never came back in 3 years
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Well i cleared all 6 and did a re-scan. Only one came back, Fault Code 0156

Tried clearing it a few times but that doesnt go away. Eml light not on at all. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks
Not sure about it being a o2 sensor as that usually triggers the EML light. Its referring to contact switch lockcylinder (passenger side) any ideas what that could be? Thanks
referring to contact switch lockcylinder (passenger side) any ideas what that could be? Thanks

I would say it could be a worn/faulty micro switch in the UK drivers side front door as US refer to passenger side which is actually UK drivers side. does the dash display register when the door is opened and does the interior light come on? Check both front doors to be sure.
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Just checked all 4 doors (just incase) and it does show in the Drivers Info Screen which door is open. Also the top interior light does come on when opening either of the 4 doors. Any other suggestions? Or could it be a glitch.

I am also having problems sometimes with my fuel cap, at times it does not open. I have to press the lock and unlock button on fob a few times then it eventually works.

Carista threw me a code " 197644" referring to "Control circuit for fuel tank flap (electrical failure)"

Any suggestions or fixes for this? Is it a costly repair? If i need a part would anyone know what the part number is or have link to the part on ebay. Thanks

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