SQ5 SQ5 brake pad replacement


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Dec 16, 2013
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South Oxfordshire
Anyone had this done on the current SQ5?

I have detected a slightly different noise in braking and think they need replacing soon.

Looking at the pads they seem to be shaped like this:


I.e. tapered.

So it’s difficult to see exactly how much wear is left.

Only done 12600 miles but a lot of my driving is in town so use the brakes a lot.
It seems unlikely that they would have worn out after such a low mileage, even it is mostly town driving. the latest RS4 shares brake calipers with the SQ5 I believe and they are notorious for 'glazing' the friction surface of the pads - and then become squeaky. You have two options:

1 - find an empty spot of road and get up to say 60mph and then brake hard - emergency stop style. Do it a couple of times and with luck the squeaky noise will go.

2 - fit EBC Redstuff pads - no squeak, much reduced brake dust once bedded in and the break feel/initial grab is markedly better and doesn't fade with heat.
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