Manual Boot Release


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Dec 28, 2013
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Hi, I own a 2010 Audi A6.

The boot wont open with the fob or normal boot release at the rear of the car.

I dont have an internal boot release. There is no valet mode on my car as far as I am aware.

I am assuming the actuator or something has died. Which is fine. But here is my problem... how do I open the boot?

I can get into the boot from the rear seat but there is no handle or boot release that I can find? I've tried to google/YouTube and I found various videos that all seem to be for similar but not identical models and mine does seem to have the same options.

I really want to release the boot/open it from inside so I can make a start figuring out the problem and fixing it... there must be a way in right?

So the key fob and regular tradition way isn't working. When I hold the handle it's just makes a whirring sound and nothing happens... there is no option to put in the key underneath as I could with my 2007 A6....

So any pics, diagrams, pointers, are all welcome.

Thank you all in advance
If there is no manual override then destroying the trim for the boot seems the easiest option, I’d probably remove a replacement trim from another car to give you and idea of where to make a hole in the original trim to get access to the locking mech.

Then leave the trim off for a week or two until you know you’ve sorted out the issue and save yourself buying yet another trim, luckily the trim isn’t in high demand so you should pick one up cheap.