Concert Radio not holding presets


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Sep 12, 2019
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Hi guys.
New to the group, but my A4 B8. 5 concert Radio (no sat nav) is not holding settings. Every time I switch off the engine and return later the settings have all gone back to how they were a couple of weeks ago. This includes audio settings and stations. Was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and has any answers on how to resolve it.
Thank you in advance
Hello and welcome to this forum!

This sort of sounds like the permanent 12V feed is not connected when you would expect it to be, so user settings/memory is lost - but where and why!
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Hi Rum4mo. Thanks for your reply.
Would it me a blown fuse. I haven't checked there yet. Not even sure what fuse it would be on the board.
Sounds like a blown permanent live fuse. Check fuse #3 in the brown carrier after removing the passenger dash side panel, and fuse #3 in the brown carrier in the boot
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Thank you Andrew, will check it out. I've checked the one at the side of the dashboard and its OK, so must be the one in the boot. Will let you know.
So it turns out that I checked the fuse in the boot and it was intact, but since taking it out and putting it back the sterio is now keeping the settings again. Thank you for your help again guys.
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