Chunky feeling when lifting of throttle

R. Slijfer

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Jul 24, 2019
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When I drive around and accelerate (the gear does not matter) and lift off the gaspedal to coast/decelerate on the engine, I feel a little "play" in the driveline. The same happens when i step on the gas again.

It feels like there is a bit of play between the drivetrain and the chassis.

I know it's hard to pinpoint the cause by just reading this, but maybe someone recognizes the symptoms.
I checked all the mounts, there is only normal play on the dogbone mount. Also engine mounts are still oke.
Subframe movement possibly. You can get collars from Tyrollsport (dead set kit) which removes all movement in the subframe.
I don't have any noticeable play in the subframe.

However, i see that you have fitted the dead set yourself! What difference does it make compared to OEM (when there is no play in the subframe)
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I thought I had no play in the subframe until I fitted this kit. Tightens the whole front end.
I fitted the APR dogbone mount a couple of weeks ago, with the upper and lower mount holders from 34motorsport.
I like it a lot, the car feels calmer at idle and also pulling away feels way smoother.
The chuky feeling is almost gone, so I think the mount really helped!