A6 C5



I've never seen one before, but interested in this one as it's at a garage near to me.
I know it's had some work done, but no idea if it's for sale, mileage or anything.

Anyone know of these creatures, worth, etc?

IMG 20190819 184907 resized 20190819 065259812
IMG 20190819 184853 resized 20190819 065259538
IMG 20190819 184844 resized 20190819 065259265
Big monies to repair anything on them....

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That is not a A4 B6, that's an A6 C5. Try the A6 section as you will get more help.
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Wow - when I first saw it, there was an A4 B7 Avant next to it and they looked the same size, hence why I thought it was an A4.
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