400 litre aquarium in A3 Spotback... will it fit?


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Hey guys

Anybody got their A3 Sportback and a tape measure handy?

I've got a 450 litre fish tank I'd like to pick up, measuring 151 x 51 x 66 cm - and I've got no idea if it will fit. To my eye, the back is just over 5 foot long with the seats down - but I can't tell whether I've got that 5 ft with enough vertical clearance. Presumably I could get a touch more room going diagonally, but I suspect it would still be pretty right.

Has anyone got a spare moment to check for me? Or even better, has transported a similar sized item?



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Not at the moment, the nearest tape measure is about a mile away in a shop and my car is about 8 miles away in a car park :)

I'll check tonight, but figured if I could check beforehand then I'd save messing some poor ****** around while he waits to see if I can fit it in my car. I've already told him not to hold it for me but I'd still rather let him know ASAP


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should of said that lol, thought you were being lazy, but im sure a metre and a half will go in the back, especially if you put the passenger seat forward easy do it.



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Make sure you drive really carefully or else the fish will fall out.


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I've managed to get a bmw 1 series bumper in my car before.

Just googled and found this
Audi A3 Boot Capacity

says with the seats down u have 1,220 litres. I guess its just down to overall dimensions then
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Do you live or did you pick this tank up from Folkestone by any chance?!

I saw a nice white A3 sportback with a fish tank poking out the back either yesterday or a few days ago!!