4 x Forged R8 Wheels for sale for RS3 Saloon


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My RS3 saloon is up for sale so I am offering my wheels here before putting them on eBay.

They are 4 x R8 V10 front wheels 19 x 8.5J ET42, P/N 420601025BD/BB/BF .They are very rare, forged and much lighter than the stock wheels and cost me as follows:

4 wheels sourced individually over a period of 4 months- £1,400

Strip & repaint in gloss black - £300

4 x brand new OEM Audi TPMS’s - £200

4 x 255/19/30 Michelin PS4S (Square setup)- £700

They are also ceramic coated. Remaining tread 6.5 - 7 mm.

Cost £2600 in total but would consider reasonable offers.

They are a perfect fit on the RS3 Saloon having 1mm less offset (1mm more poke) than the stock 8.5J front wheels. I am running stock suspension (mag ride) and there is no rubbing or interference from front or rear.

For those that aren't aware a 255 section PS4S has approximately the same amount of surface area/contact than a 275 section Pirelli P Zero. The level of grip is insane.


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Crickey, just about fell off my chair thinking these were the R8 V10+ 20" wheels....would have snapped them up in a second. :) Good luck with the sale though - looks tuff.