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For Sale 4 x 275/35/20 TYRES

holmefield Apr 27, 2019

  1. holmefield

    holmefield Active Member

    IMG_20190427_141529-3009x4012.jpg IMG_20190427_141820-3009x4012.jpg IMG_20190427_141856-3420x4560.jpg IMG_20190427_141435-4788x6384-3591x4788.jpg IMG_20190427_141529-3009x4012.jpg Hi all I'm selling a FULL set of ContiSport tyres.

    4 x 275/35/20.

    I'm selling a FULL Matching set of ContiSport tyres, these tyres all have matching tyre wear which is even across all the 4 treads.

    The tread depths are between 5.2mm to 5.5mm across all four tyres. The Dot dates ( made dates) on the tyres are 10/16. There all in excellent condition with next to zero side wall wear as the ContiSports have a strong side wall.

    No punchers or repairs. They have been dry stored and DON'T have any side wall CRACKS.


    PICK UP from Burnley BB11.

    OR Couier delivery can be arranged @ buyers cost.

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  3. holmefield

    holmefield Active Member


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