4.2 FSI issue


Ricers in the rear view!

I’m hoping someone can assist - we currently have a 2011 RS5 in for an unusual issue.

Every so often you can get the car to cruise by itself, usually in 5th gear the revs will hold at 1500rpm and the car will coast at 30mph without touching a pedal. It’s not every time and seems more prominent in 5th for some reason. The live data suggest the throttle valves are at 11.8% open when this occurs and 11% when it doesn’t.

no faults in engine or transmission ECU. I’d usually go for the mech unit but it’s not the usual fault of holding on to gears down the box I've come across before - it’s almost like an intermittent air leak allowing rev increase or a command from the engine or box to increase throttle.

another unusual this which I hope someone could confirm if their car is the same - the live data on the accelerator pedal is suggesting 15% depressed at idle.

thanks in advance.