3yr Service advice on 10,000 mile car


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Hello All,

Bit of a funny one this but getting conflicting feedback from the dealers some saying don't do anything and others wanting to chuck everything at it.

Basically I bought my car in early February with 7k miles on the clock with one previous lady owner. Its an '09 plate 1.8TFSI and will be 3 years old and hence require an MOT in June by which time it'll have more like 10-11k miles on it. It has a service stamp in the book at 4.5k miles which was in December 2010 and looks to have had an oil change only.

Any ideas what sort of service it's likely to need ?, it's running well apart from a little hesitency when pulling away in first. The wife's A4 Avant just hit 3yrs and had to have the brake fluid replaced so I guess this is also required ?

The dealer also mentioned that i'm better off waiting for it to be out of warranty so that then the fixed priced charges come into play which is cheaper when the car is in warranty. Is this true ???

Also, one last thing - before the warranty runs out is it worth booking it in for a check over ? Not even sure if this is something they do. The only cosmetic bits I've found on the car that I may ask them about are dead flies in the headlamps (!) and a little moss on the door outer waist seals.

Thanks in advance.
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Pretty sure the brake fluid is changed every 2 years or 36000 miles so this may have already been done. The longlife service regime is aimed at cars that do more than 10,000 per year , Audi usually suggest you have annual services for low mileage cars. I think I'd be tempted to book the car in for a full service and brake fluid change (if required) as if you do come across any issues once the car is out of warranty I would have thought you are more likley to recieve a goodwill gesture from Audi if the car has a couple of main dealer stamps.

Having said that if the car is running well, oil and filters looks clean etc yiu could save a fortune by visiting a specialist like APS and having them give the car a thorough check and serviceprior to the warranty expiry.


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I would get it serviced asap before it runs out of warranty. Apart from the brake service as Spin points out think also the Aircon needs doing too. If you get it in beforehand any niggles they will have to sort out before the warranty expires which is always a good thing and in my experience well worth doing. It will also be logged on their system too which may give some piece of mind if a claim comes in any time soon.