Judder When Pulling Away


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Jun 6, 2017
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Wondering how common it is for the car to judder when pulling away (B8.5). It only happens after a long motorway run, if I park the car for a short period (like 10-15 mins) and then start it back up with the engine still warm, if I pull away in gear 1 I always get a slight judder, only in gear 1 and only when pulling away from a complete stop.

My guess has always been that whatever component it is, has probably been very hot and when the engine is switched off it remains hot without cooling, so when I turn the engine back on shortly after, it is above a normal temperature and thus causes the judder?

That's only my speculation, but am curious as to what it is or whether anyone else has this?
Anti shudder valve?

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Clutch or flywheel judder is my guess it seems pretty common on B8/B8.5’s and it doesn’t seem to matter what mileage is on the car I’ve read some having it at 30k others at a lot higher mileage . There’s a thread on here where one owner had his clutch and flywheel replaced at 30k and the judder returned just over 10k later. So I’d say if you can live with it I’d maybe hold off until it’s completely shot!
Yup. Standard stuff. I’ve had it since about 40k and still going strong with judder at 100k.

Like you, it’s far more severe when engine is warm and after a long run. In cold weather it is almost flawless.
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