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Jul 19, 2019
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Hi All,

Just purchased a S4 B9 Avant (Beast) 2018 but I need the 10 digit code to connect Audi MMI and the dealer wants £70.00 is this the norm? And is it worth it guys or is it just a gimmick by Audi, will my life still go on without it? Lol
Unless you want to be able to unlock / lock your car from your phone, not really worth it (and that's only if you have the SOS button in the car)
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Hi Kondax,

Thank you for the reply, i suppose another toy to play with if i do get it!! LOL
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I'd get onto Audi UK customer service and ask them. You've probably spent plenty on the car already and asking 70 for a code seems like they are taking liberties...
Hi DaveW,

I did mate & they advise you to contact your local dealer! And the local dealer stated that they have to request the code from Audi in Germany and that has an administration cost of £70.00! Don't you just love the words "administration fee" which is another way of printing money!! LOL Audi must need the money right??!!

And yes, does seem crazy after spending all that money and they still want to charge you for that, the world has gone crazy!! LOL
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When I bought my car new the salesman kept stressing how important it was to keep the code safe. It comes on some plastic attached to the keys.

He said it would cost £70 to replace, even if I went to trade the car in again they would have to deduct the cost of it from the trade in if it isn’t present. So there definitely is a charge somewhere that the dealer has to pay.

The dealer must have known the code wasn’t present when selling the car as they would need to disable the connect features or the previous owners could still unlock the car.
Hi TC18,

I have been running around in circles with Audi and you know the score, once the cars they really care??!!! In the end i contacted Audi Customer Service and, as i stated above, they said i have to contact the dealer and they have confirmed that they don't have the plastic oval attachment and a new one has to be ordered.....great and that's my fault right!!! LOL
It’s actually one of the 149 point Audi Approved Used check it’s (check the keys and MMI tag are present).

If they have ticked it they should provide it, that’s why you pay the premium for their Audi approved Used service.

What else on that list that they have checked is actually not correct and you need to go and pay extra for? Brake pads? “Yeah we ticked it, but they’re not actually present, you need to pay more if you want those”.

Ps, I think it’s worth having, if nothing else it provides vehicle Alarm/Theft alerts with GPS location of the car on it, as well as the Lock/Unlock from your phone, and seeing the oil level, fuel level etc...
You didn’t buy a £££ car of which one of the main features is connectivity to not bother with it!
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Thanks for the reply PhilM and i will now take this point up with the service department, appreciate the heads up.

Yeah, i did notice the Alarm/Theft option on the app and that was the main reason for me to be interested in getting it up & running.

Wish me luck! LOL
I'm not sure if I kept mine when I registered my phone, makes sense though as i'll need it when i get a new phone.

As for is it worth it or not, it is a gimic but it allows you to see the location of your car on your phone and lock and unlock. I used it last week at the motorway services, i wasn't sure if i'd locked the car or not but I had my camera gear in the boot so check via the app.

And my friend woke up to find his A5 had been stolen in the night, so checked the app and saw it was parked up down a quiet street in Blackburn so went and got his car back. Without the app it might have been ages before the police found it and it could have been moved on.

Just noticed this has been mentioned above :)
I agree it is a gimmick but i like my extra toys so i did like the sound of this app purely because of the security feature and i think spending £70.00 is worth protecting that isn't quite cheap!! And also not getting any younger and keep forgetting (only sometimes) where i parked the car so this would be handy for that, one less brain cell that i have to use!! LOL
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