Open car with key Fob , unlock button , and the Alram sounds ..


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Apr 22, 2015
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Open the car with key by radio , and the Alram sounds ..

Something new ,

use the key Fob , unlock button
doors unlock and ALARM sounds

occasionally getting the 3 beeps from the alarm sounder , somewhere at the back of the car
any way to stop this ? [Alarm batter failed ? ]
The 3 bleeps from ur alarm siren normally means ur batteries are on the way out. You can get the alarm out and change the batteries before they leak and ruin the siren. It is under the central locking pump and CD changer in the boot.
Would that cause the alarm to trigger , when its unlocked ?

Is it in the rear wing pockets on the side , entry from the boot ?? I don't have a CD changer ,
each side has part of the Bose audio system , is the sounder under these ?

left side , viewed from the rear of the car ?
Yes mate it's in the passenger side pocket (left hand side of boot) you will need to strip some of the trim out to get good access to it. If the batteries are on the way out it might just be setting the alarm of on you.
Thank's , There is rather large audio amp with a lot of cable's plugged in
sods law , says its under that (
Alarm system will have fault codes when its triggered... but if getting the beeps then the batteries are on the way out

What holds the central locking pump in place ?

This has a foam rubber cover , that rips as soon as you touch it , the pump seems to be rubber mounted , is it bolted in or pushed on to a clip or something ??

--- Apparently its just the large cable tie and its pushed into what ? some form of housing ?
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Alarm out , cut it in half , battery's have leaked and its full of corrosion , one of the 3 pins also lost its plating ..

problem is, buy a secondhand one , same age , most likely the same inside , any ideas , seeing new ones at £150 .. ouch

Will any of the new ones fit ???

things are looking up ... listed a 7.2 v unit , small enough to fit in the alarm , in the space occupied by the existing dual battery clip

Q should it be possible to start the engine , while the alarm is sounding ?

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